Adobe Systems: Drops from a Faucet into a Pool 2013

To complete this 30x5-foot wall collage at Adobe’s San Francisco headquarters, I used some of my favorite bits from earlier collages (including a couple right off my office wall), and a lot of untapped material from my archives. All my notebooks, boxes of scrap and samples were trucked over to Adobe where I installed the entire wall on-site over a four-day period in November 2013. There are even a few new pieces that I collected on my walks between my office on Bryant Street and the Adobe headquarters on Townsend Street, a few blocks away. Plans are still in the works to create a complete catalog of every single element used in the collage. Stay (patiently) tuned.

Here is a short video documentary about the making of this collage. And here is a full time-lapse video of the entire process.